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Portfolio: a small selection of gardens/extensions we have built 



Terraced Garden, Jersey


A contemporary terraced garden has been created for our client.  Guided by the sun, breakfast is enjoyed on the lower gravelled terrace surrounded by oriental inspired planting and heady scents.  Afternoons and evenings are to be enjoyed sitting on the upper paved terrace.  Soothing sounds from the water feature and lighting create a multitude of different atmospheres within the garden.  A diverse space that maximises areas within the garden.




Contemporary Courtyard in First Tower, Jersey 


This beautiful courtyard was designed and built for a couple who live in First Tower.  The brief was to provide a space suitable for entertaining friends and family.  The garden contains bespoke fencing and gate, raised beds that are filled with low maintenance and structural planting.  A large water feature creates a striking focal point within the garden and provides soft sounds of running water.  A dark stone within the water feature was chosen to compliment the pale stone used to pave the floor and clad the walls.






Seaside Garden and small extension with shower room/garden kitchen


This very vibrant garden was built on 2 main levels.  The upper level contains the main seating area, shower room and kitchen that serves the garden.  A large storage shed was built with sedum roof that is visible from the upper level.  Planted steps lead you to the lower level where an artificial lawn has been laid.  Suitable sea wind and salt tolerant planting will thrive through the ever changing coastal conditions.  A sunny and warm space for socialising and sunbathing.



Large raised deck in St Brelade





Oriental garden in St Helier


We were asked to design and build an oriental themed border.  The images were taken in December 2012 so the plants are newly planted and dormant.  Once established the garden will spring to life all year round, providing a palette of rich fiery orange and reds.




Kitchen extension and brick paved drive for a home in St Brelade


We have constructed a kitchen extension in Quennevais for a young family.  The project also included the preparation of site for a conservatory at the back of the property and installing a new brick paved drive.





Family garden in First Tower


The team have been busy building retaining walls, decks, patio, creating seating areas, installing a hot tub and new shed and using lots of colourful planting on this project in First Tower. 



Garden build in St John


The project was to redesign the garden, build and install a new stone bond drive, build a granite faced retaining wall and a raised area for the lawn.






Contemporary Family garden in St Brelades


A contemporary scheme has been created for a young local family.  A small piece of land was purchased and tied into the original garden which was on a number of levels.  The whole space has been built up, levelled and retained to form one large family space.  We have used block built walls and sleepers to retain the ground and form areas for planting.  Plants chosen for this site are drought tolerant.  The garden faces South and is positioned on the coast so will have to cope with beating hot summer sun, strong sea winds and salt.




Artificial Turf


Artificial turf is very fashionable at the moment within the landscaping industry.  We have installed the turf in a number of gardens.  It is very low maintenance and great for people with pets and children.






Wildlife Garden in St Saviours


A South-West garden is currently being transformed to provide a low maintenance entertaining space.  The garden will include low maintenance planting, a circular seating area, small area for a bbq, a wildlife area and views over the countryside that will open up the space.





Family/Wildlife garden in St Helier


A couple with a corner house overlooking St Helier were in danger of losing the garden as it slowly subsided down the valley.  The garden was retained using sleepers and tying in with concrete pads and steel pins.   This then formed sturdy groundwork to build the garden back up and create beds and seating areas, laying new lawns and curved steps that take you down to a lower level.




Jersey Outdoor Life Show


The edible garden: Trees: victoria plum, pears.  Growing wall: strawberry tarpan (pink flowers) and elsanta (white flowers), lettuce, cabbage, basil, nasturtium banana split.  Border: Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, chives, bay, lemon thyme, mint and apple mint in planters, rosemary, lavender, golden marjoram.  Non edible: Lupins, salvia, perennial geranium; Ajuga braun hertz, Hebe, Sambucas Black Lace, Bacopa snowflake, ivy (all great plants for wildlife).




Family garden in St Helier


The garden includes raised beds, areas for growing vegetables, seating areas, area for chimnea, children's play area with climbing wall and a new artificial lawn




Family garden in St Brelade


Family garden set within the countryside in St Brelade




Town garden in St Helier


A garden in the heart of St Helier has been updated using wood to cover the back wall, we have installed a sedum roof on the old outhouse and have built 3 raised beds and a built-in seating area.  Uplighters have been put in the raised beds and a strip light under the seating area.  The client chose the plants for the raised beds that we planted up and finished off with a purple slate mulch.




20/20 Magazine: 8-page article written by Katie McArthur


2020 is an annual publication and can also be picked up in different locations around the island
throughout 2011.

- If you opt to "view online" 2020 can be seen here : p54-61




Aesthetic Courtyard Garden in St Ouen


Large courtyard garden within a farm setting.  Granite faced raised beds will be filled with beautiful scented roses, structural box balls and Italian cypruss to name a few.  The design is based around a central bed that will have an olive tree surrounded by lavenders and rosemary.  We have commissioned 6 large planters that will contain mature Bay trees and tumbling ivy.  Paving, gravel paths and curved beds flow out from the central point to create a pleasing aesthetic design.  The garden will also include an irrigation system and lighting system.



Entertaining Courtyard Garden


The brief was to design a small garden for a professional couple.  They love to entertain, sit in the sun and eat outdoor and need the grass removing to stop the dog digging holes.  Our design was to maximise the space using a raised bed with floating wooden seat and outdoor heater/bbq.  We used natural stone that blended with the purples of the existing flooring and the granite in the bbq.  A drainage strip has been installed under the seating and divides the two different pavings.  The same paving has also been used to pave around the existing conservatory.








Cornwall.  Helston Community Hospital, Sensory garden


Gardens within hospitals provide an escape from the hospital environment, allow patients to take control of their situation, provide spaces for support and privacy and also help in the healing and recovery process.  Scent and sound stimulates the part of our brain associated with memory which is an excellent tool when working with people who suffer with dimensia.

The Helston sensory garden is for patients aged over 70, staff and visitors to the hospital.  The garden will provide seasonal interest, low maintenance planting including lots of ground cover plants such as geranium, lady's mantle and strawberries, scented lavenders and rosemary and tactile grasses and soft silvery lamb's ears.   The planting in the garden will attract an array of birds, bees and butterflies into the garden, creating an added dimension of movement and sound.  There are many seating choices, a sail shade, raised beds for gentle gardening, wide paths for wheelchair access and handrails that comply with the hospital's health and safety.                               



Childrens’ Gardens, Outdoor play, Cornwall

A childrens’ garden was created for a group of children in Penryn, Cornwall.  The garden included a willow dome, wild flowers, a pond, vegetable beds and planting to attract wildlife.  The aim of the garden was to engage and inspire children, promote creativity, encourage them to grow and eat fruit and vegetables and allow them to play and explore their natural surroundings.  It is also a tranquil space to sit and relax and listen to stories and enjoy role play.



Truro Health Park: Sculptural courtyard design, Cornwall

Working alongside Rob Olins a community artist, Arts for Health in Cornwall and University College Falmouth, we were asked to create a sculptural courtyard design for the Truro Health Park development.  Katie's design was based on the beauty of Cornwall in Spring, Wild flowers and grasses in the hedgerows, visiting wildlife, the coastal breeze and the morning sun.  The courtyard installation consists of copper grasses, white marble plinths and large dandelion seedheads.




St Austell Community Hospital: Sensory garden attached to the Maternity Ward, Cornwall


The garden has been designed with tranquility in mind.  Labouring mothers are to be encouraged to use the garden to ease the discomfort of labour and relax them by using distractions in the form of running water traveling in rills, poems that weave around the rills, seating areas surrounded by rustling birch trees and lots of scented and tactile planting.   Gentle walking around the garden will also ease discomfort and speed up the labour process.  Visiting family members and children can also relax in the garden.


Cornwall.  St Austell Community Hospital: Sensory garden attached to the Geriatric Ward

The garden contains many features including raised beds with scented and tactile planting, raised beds and wide paths for wheelchair access, water features, year round interest and plenty of seating and shaded areas.  The garden offers an escape from the hospital environment allowing patients to gain control of their situation.  They can sit and read, meet family members or socialise with other patients and members of staff.


Cornwall.  St Austell Community Hospital: Hospital Community Garden

Anyone visiting the hospital is encouraged to use the community garden.  Features include raised beds and wide paths, low balance beams for children to sit and play on, rubber flooring, plenty of seating, a water rill in the middle of the garden, birch trees and scented and tactile planting.  There is also an area within the garden for ever changing sculptural installations and artwork and space for local musicians to play. 

The garden celebrates creative arts and the positive effects they have on our well-being.